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December 02, 2009

Climategate is a scam

From what I can tell, and I haven't read all the emails (who has time for that?), this discussion is balancing on the scientists in question no longer using the tree ring data, which itself is suggesting a cooling trend. Well, it's simple. If the thermometres around the globe are suggesting a warming trend, then the science of tree ring data is misunderstood, and therefore cannot be used. That is the crux of this debate, supposedly. If the earth is cooling, as the global-warming-is-a-lie campaign would have you believe on the basis that tree ring data is being ignored, then why are glaciers entirely disappearing all across the planet from locations where they've been for ages? Why is the permafrost melting up north causing concern for landslides? Why are the polar caps shrinking? Because their argument is nonsense, that's why, and it's timed perfectly just before the momentous climate summit in Copenhagen. Perhaps they're hoping to cause enough of a distraction that nothing can be accomplished. Think of it like this: If there was no action taken by the naysayers, who are powered by the biggest money interests on the planet, wouldn't you be surprised for the silence? Well, here's their action, albeit a bit ridiculous.