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March 10, 2008


I recently watched a documentary called Zeitgeist for the first time; a friend forwarded it to me in response to an email I sent him.

This blog post is a spoiler to the plot of the movie, so read no further if you don't want to know the end before you've seen it. I'll tell you, though, if this post perks your curiosity where you would have otherwise never even seen the movie, then it's definitely worth the spoiling. And I'll keep it short.

It's about humanity's dirtiest secret.

Near the end it presents documented evidence published in mainstream news-media sources showing a family that volunteered to be the first people in the United States of America to have identification chips inserted into their bodies. These chips include a satellite transmitting device that has the potential to communicate with financial institutions and pinpoint a person's location on the planet.

This technology may one day be the mainstream approach for individuals to interact with the commercial world around them.

Imagine this: Everyone on Earth has submitted to a single economic system, where every exchange is made in a single, unified currency. Instead of the yen or dollar, we have a single currency across the globe.

No longer are any financial exchanges done with credit cards, bank transfers, cheques or money orders, but rather with small chips inserted in our wrists, which are in turn waved over a transaction receiver wherever financial exchanges are needed. We use these information chips as our passports, credit cards and bank accounts. And some secretive circle of people are in a position of power at the helm of our world's central bank.

Eventually the day comes along where the public has an absolute legitimate reason to protest against some source of tyrannical rule.

This shouldn't be too hard to imagine, as it's happened before in places like Russia, Germany and Italy, to name a few.

Perhaps some citizens try to protest in some way - a rally, a letter a political meeting.

Now imagine that the secretive circle finds this objectionable and decides to turn their chip off. No longer are they able to travel, to buy milk and perhaps even to get into their home.

Stop imagining.

There's a small circle of super powerful people on our planet with a monopoly of certain key information and control of the banks that manipulate our inflation rates.

These people will stop at nothing to get their wish: total control.

Here's the link:

If you want to research its sources, visit this link:

Watch the video. It may change your life. In any case, it will certainly open your eyes.

If you get a chance, please let me know what you think of it.